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Copywriting is a critical component in communicating your brand’s voice and offerings to your audience. With the ever-increasing demands on an executive’s time, copywriting can become a taxing task. Here’s where a Persona’s Executive Assistant (EA), who has passed our rigorous vetting and is a proven world-class communicator, can be a game-changer.


Delegating the copywriting to a skilled EA can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your communications. With their excellent writing ability, a Persona EA can help craft compelling, high-quality copy that truly resonates with your audience, leading to enhanced brand recognition and customer engagement.


The Process

1. You: Outline the Core Message

Start by outlining the core message that you wish to communicate. This gives your EA a clear understanding of your vision and the intended impact of the copy.

2. Your EA: Develops the Draft

With the core message in hand, your EA will craft a draft. They will ensure that the tone, style, and content align with your brand’s voice and the target audience’s preferences.

3. You: Provide Feedback

Review the draft provided by your EA. Offer feedback and suggest revisions if necessary. This iterative process ensures the final copy aligns perfectly with your expectations.

4. Your EA: Refines and Finalizes the Copy

Taking your feedback into account, your EA will refine and finalize the copy. They will ensure that the final version is polished, compelling, and ready for publication.

5. Your EA: Reviews Post-Publication Feedback

After the copy is published, your EA will monitor the response, gathering feedback and data on its effectiveness. This information can be invaluable for refining future copywriting tasks.

6. You: Discuss Future Improvements (optional)

Discuss the feedback and possible improvements with your EA. Together, you can strategize how to improve future copywriting tasks based on this valuable feedback.

7. Your EA: Implements Changes (optional)

Your EA takes the agreed improvements and applies them to future tasks, constantly improving the effectiveness of your brand communication. This iterative process ensures the ongoing success of your copywriting efforts.

Top Tips for Excelling at Copywriting

Copywriting encompasses numerous subtasks, each of which contributes to the creation of compelling and effective copy. An Executive Assistant (EA) can handle these tasks in a highly proficient manner, enhancing the quality of your communication. Here are some key tasks that your Persona EA can assist with, along with tips to optimize their contributions.

1. Developing the Draft

Drafting is the first step in the copywriting process. Your EA can take your ideas and translate them into a coherent first draft. It’s important to have clear communication with your EA to ensure they grasp your intended message. Their writing ability, honed by Persona’s rigorous vetting process, will be invaluable at this stage.

2. Refining and Finalizing the Copy

Finalizing the copy is an essential task that involves enhancing the draft by correcting any errors and polishing the tone. Your EA can perform this task meticulously, utilizing their exceptional writing and editing skills. You should provide regular feedback to help your EA align the final copy closely with your vision.

3. Implementing Changes

After the copy is finalized, your EA can apply necessary changes based on feedback from you or your audience. This requires adaptability and a problem-solving mindset, qualities that we prioritize at Persona. Encourage your EA to be open to revisions to ensure the final copy fulfills its intended purpose.

4. Publishing and Monitoring the Response

Upon finalizing the copy, it’s time to publish. Your EA can oversee this process, ensuring the copy is published accurately and promptly. Post-publication, they can monitor audience responses, providing crucial insights into the effectiveness of the copy. Their strong communication skills can help them manage and interpret this feedback.

5. Continuous Improvement

Copywriting is an ongoing process that demands regular improvements. Your EA, with their keen eye for detail, can incorporate feedback from published copy into future tasks, fostering continuous improvement. Their communication and problem-solving skills will ensure your communication strategy always hits the mark.

Excelling at Copywriting with your EA

Copywriting involves numerous tasks, from drafting to publishing. An Executive Assistant (EA), backed by Persona’s stringent selection process, can aid in every step. They can develop drafts, refine the copy, implement changes, manage publication, and use audience responses for continuous improvement. Their exceptional skills in writing, communication, and problem-solving ensure a seamless process and effective copy that resonates with your audience.

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