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Event Management: Planning Trade Shows


Planning a trade show can be a complex and demanding task, requiring meticulous attention to detail and strategic thinking. Whether it’s coordinating with vendors, creating promotional materials, or managing logistics, an Executive Assistant (EA) from Persona can play a pivotal role. Our EAs are part of that 0.1% – the crème de la crème, capable of handling these challenging tasks, helping you achieve your objectives and enhancing your brand presence.

The Process

1. Your EA: Setting Objectives and Budgeting

Initially, your EA will work with you to set clear objectives for the trade show and prepare a comprehensive budget. This foundational step forms the bedrock of the entire planning process, aligning all subsequent actions with your business goals.

2. Your EA: Vendor Coordination

Your EA will meticulously coordinate with vendors, negotiating contracts, and managing relationships. This ensures all elements of the trade show, from the booth to the marketing materials, align with your vision and standards.

3. Your EA: Logistical Management

Overseeing logistics is a vital part of the process. Your EA will handle everything from travel arrangements to booth setup, ensuring smooth operation throughout the trade show.

4. Your EA: Promotion and Marketing

Promotion is key to a successful trade show. Your EA will manage the creation and distribution of promotional materials, harnessing their excellent communication skills to engage your target audience and create a buzz around your event.

5. Your EA: Follow-Up

After the trade show, your EA will ensure thorough follow-up with leads and connections made during the event. They will organize information, schedule meetings, and foster relationships that can lead to future business opportunities.


Delegating trade show planning to your Persona EA brings significant benefits. It not only saves you time and reduces stress but also optimizes your productivity. The EA handles the intricate details of the event planning, freeing up your mental bandwidth to focus on strategic decision-making. The result? A well-organized, successful trade show that bolsters your business growth.

Top Tips for Mastering Vendor Coordination at Trade Shows

Efficient vendor coordination can be a game-changer when planning for a trade show. The key is to capitalize on the proficiency of your Executive Assistant (EA) from Persona, who is part of the exceptional 0.1% of professionals we hire. These tips will help you make the most of your EA’s skills in this area:

1. Vendor Selection

Your EA’s meticulous nature can come in handy when choosing the right vendors for your trade show. They can research potential vendors, evaluate their offerings against your specific needs, and shortlist the ones that provide the best fit. This eliminates the stress of sifting through an overwhelming number of options and ensures that you only work with reliable and quality-focused vendors.

2. Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiation is another area where your EA’s skills can shine. They can analyze contracts, negotiate terms and ensure that the final agreement is in your best interest. Their attention to detail can help you avoid hidden costs and unfavorable terms, which in turn safeguards your resources and enhances the success of the trade show.

3. Communication and Relationship Management

Your EA’s superior communication skills can streamline interactions with vendors. They can effectively articulate your needs, address vendor concerns, and foster strong relationships. This leads to better cooperation, quicker problem-solving, and ultimately, a more successful trade show.

4. Schedule Management

From delivery timelines to setup schedules, your EA can manage all aspects of vendor-related scheduling. They’ll keep a close eye on critical dates and ensure that everything stays on track. This contributes to smooth operations and prevents last-minute scrambles, allowing you to focus on more strategic matters.

5. Issue Resolution

Despite the best planning, issues may arise. But with your EA at the helm, you can rest assured that they’ll promptly identify and address any problems. Their excellent problem-solving ability enables them to find quick and effective solutions, minimizing the impact of any potential hiccups on the trade show.

Trade Show Triumph: Mastering Vendor Coordination with Your Stellar EA!

An Executive Assistant (EA) from Persona, part of our exceptional 0.1%, can dramatically transform trade show logistics. With meticulous vendor selection, expert contract negotiation, exceptional communication, precise schedule management, and quick issue resolution, your EA ensures smooth operations. Their excellent problem-solving, communication, and organizational abilities lead to efficient vendor coordination, more successful trade shows, and let you focus on strategic matters. The EA becomes your linchpin for trade show success.

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