Eric Waisman
Founder of Jaunty
Persona’s hiring system is magic. The assistants are better than anyone I’ve ever worked with before. It’s game changing because you can easily double or triple your productivity.
Veena Padmanabhan
Chief of Staff at Glo
It is wonderful to know when I am done for the day, someone will continue the work streams to push them forward, and so it becomes a cycle of continuous progress. I enjoy working with my assistant--she has helped get/keep us organized.
Emily Slade
Co-founder of Valence
My assistant has been amazing to work with - she's thorough, prompt, conscientious and also just a really kind, cool person that I am lucky to get to work with. I've really enjoyed getting to know her and can't truly express how much I appreciate her contribution to the growth of our business.
Julian Martinez
Co-founder of VoiceVoice
I've sourced for hundreds of positions, so I know firsthand how much work it is to sift through thousands of applicants to try finding the "right" person. Jason and his team have solved this problem. Persona's rigorous process of vetting candidates through a series of assessment tests enables them to identify the most qualified people with astonishing accuracy.
Robert Matei
Former Head of Growth at Quora
I've tried assistants a number of times, and Persona's are way, way above other remote options in thoroughness and intelligence. It's magical, I feel like I've hired a motivated Ivy League grad! Both my business and my life are easier.

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