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Event Management: Managing Product Launches


Launching a product is a critical and exciting stage in any business’s lifecycle. It involves a myriad of tasks ranging from logistics coordination to marketing and public relations. An Executive Assistant (EA), particularly those from Persona, can step in and alleviate this complexity, handling numerous aspects of the event with utmost professionalism and competence.

The Process

1. EA: Venue and Logistics Arrangement

The first step involves finding the perfect venue and managing all logistics for the event. Your EA can handle these tasks, leveraging their problem-solving abilities and professionalism to ensure everything is set up correctly for the launch.

2. EA: Vendor Coordination

From liaising with caterers to tech providers, the EA can manage all vendor-related tasks. This guarantees seamless service delivery, further elevating the experience for attendees of the product launch.

3. EA: Guest List Management and Invitations

An EA’s excellent communication ability comes in handy in curating the guest list, sending out invitations, and managing RSVPs. They can also handle any questions or special requests from invitees, ensuring everyone is catered to effectively.

4. You: Keynote Speech Preparation

As an executive, your primary focus could be preparing the keynote speech to introduce the new product. While the EA handles the event logistics, you can invest your time in creating a compelling presentation.

5. EA: Post-Event Follow Up

After the product launch, the EA can manage post-event tasks such as sending thank you emails, collecting feedback, and updating the CRM. These steps help maintain relationships with attendees and gather insights for future events.

6. You: Evaluate the Event’s Success (optional)

Finally, with all operational tasks handled by the EA, you can focus on analyzing the event’s success by reviewing feedback, measuring product interest, and strategizing the next steps for product marketing.


Delegating event management tasks to an EA not only frees up the executive’s time but also ensures a meticulously organized and smooth-running product launch. The EA’s contribution can increase operational efficiency, enhance the event’s success rate, and eventually contribute to better business outcomes.

Top Tips for Product Launch Success with Your EA

When it comes to event development, particularly for a product launch, there are numerous intricate subtasks that need to be addressed. Utilizing an EA can streamline the entire process, ensuring a successful and memorable event. Here are some valuable tips to maximize the benefits of working with an EA from Persona:

1. Harness Your EA’s Logistics Expertise

One of the first crucial aspects of event development is the logistics planning, which includes venue selection, seating arrangement, technical needs, and catering. An EA can seamlessly handle all these aspects with precision, ensuring that all the basic elements for a successful event are in place.

2. Trust Your EA with Vendor Management

Working with vendors can be a time-consuming task. However, you can trust your EA to manage this efficiently. They can oversee communication, negotiate terms, ensure timely delivery of services, and even handle last-minute hiccups, ensuring a smooth-running event.

3. Delegate Guest List Management to Your EA

An EA can take complete charge of the guest list, from curating the list, sending out invitations, tracking RSVPs, to handling any special requests from invitees. They’ll also be your point of contact for guests, ensuring every inquiry is addressed promptly and professionally.

4. Allow Your EA to Take Care of Post-Event Follow-ups

After a product launch, it’s vital to maintain engagement with the attendees. Your EA can take care of sending thank you emails, gathering event feedback, updating your CRM, and staying connected with the attendees. These tasks will ensure your event’s impact extends beyond the day of the launch.

5. Leverage Your EA’s Problem-Solving Skills

Unforeseen issues can arise during the planning and execution of an event. However, an EA with well-honed problem-solving abilities can effectively navigate these challenges, minimizing any disruptions to your event. They can handle everything from a change in venue to a last-minute alteration in the event schedule, ensuring that the product launch proceeds without a hitch.

Five Game-Changing Tips for a Hassle-Free Product Launch with Your EA

1. Utilize your EA’s expertise in logistics planning, including venue selection and technical needs.
2. Trust your EA with efficient vendor management and negotiation.
3. Delegate guest list management to your EA, from invitations to handling special requests.
4. Allow your EA to handle post-event follow-ups, maintaining engagement with attendees.
5. Leverage your EA’s problem-solving skills to navigate any unforeseen issues during the event.

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