Yes, 0.1%
It's not a typo.

We use a rigorous vetting process to make sure that every single person we work with is truly special. This means that we only end up hiring 1 person for every 1,000 applications we receive.

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The Persona Assessment Process

We’re behavioral science experts, and have spent years figuring out the
best way to figure out who will perform well in a role. The people who perform best and the people who look most impressive on paper are almost never the same.

  • Biographical
    39%Pass rate
    39%Pass rate
  • Professional Verification74%Pass rate74%Pass rate
  • Interpersonal I53% Pass rate53% Pass rate
  • Interpersonal II33%Pass rate33%Pass rate
  • Personality
    36%Pass rate
    36%Pass rate
  • Communication Analysis23%Pass rate23%Pass rate
  • Trial Project70%Pass rate70%Pass rate
  • Learning Aptitude
    & Judgement
    36%Pass rate
    36%Pass rate

Top 1 in 1000

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We help you build your teams with the top 0.1% remote talent in the world.


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