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Event Management: Planning Team Building Days


For a successful business, a cohesive team is essential. However, building and nurturing this cohesion can be challenging. An Executive Assistant (EA) from Persona can streamline this process by organizing an effective team building day. Leveraging their exceptional skills in communication, planning, and problem-solving, an EA can curate a meaningful event that fosters unity and boosts morale.

The Process

1. Your EA: Team Building Day Planning

The EA takes the lead in planning the team building day. They identify the goals for the day, craft an agenda that incorporates engaging activities, and ensures everything aligns with your company culture and values.

2. Your EA: Venue and Logistics

Your EA handles the logistics, from venue booking to arranging necessary resources and equipment. They ensure the venue aligns with the event’s goals, and everything is in place for a smooth and productive day.

3. Your EA: Coordination and Communication

The EA effectively coordinates with all team members, providing necessary information about the day. They handle queries and maintain open communication lines, ensuring everyone is prepared and excited for the event.

4. You: Participate and Engage

As an executive, your role is to participate actively and engage with your team during the event. Your involvement sets a positive tone and encourages others to participate fully.

5. Your EA: Evaluating and Implementing Feedback

Post the event, the EA gathers feedback from participants. They evaluate this feedback and use it to make future team building days even more effective, ensuring continuous improvement in team cohesion and morale.


When your EA organizes a team building day, you’ll see a significant improvement in team dynamics. Improved communication, stronger relationships, and a more collaborative environment are just some of the benefits you can expect. The time you save can be spent on high-value tasks, enhancing your productivity and overall business performance.

Winning Strategies for Your Team Building Day

A team building day is a vital component in fostering a cohesive and harmonious working environment. When it comes to planning and executing such an event, an Executive Assistant (EA) from Persona can play an indispensable role. Their expertise in organizational and communication skills can ensure a successful and fruitful day. Here are some crucial tips to make the most out of your EA’s skills:

1. Capitalize on Your EA’s Planning Prowess

With their top-tier organizational skills, your EA can create a detailed schedule for your team building day. They can plan the day’s flow, ensuring a balanced mix of work and play, which will keep the team engaged and motivated. It’s not just about stuffing the day with activities, but about intelligently crafting a sequence that maintains energy levels and fosters positive interactions.

2. Trust Your EA to Design Engaging Activities

Your EA can curate activities that resonate with your team’s preferences and the company’s culture. They can plan out interactive and fun sessions that not only provide enjoyment but also promote learning and team cohesion. These activities can range from team challenges and creative workshops to brainstorming sessions and feedback circles.

3. Delegate Logistics Management to Your EA

Your EA can handle the logistics of the day, ensuring all necessary resources for the planned activities are available. Whether it’s securing the venue, arranging for meals and refreshments, or sourcing materials for activities, your EA will ensure everything is in place for a smooth event.

4. Utilize Your EA’s Communication Skills

An effective team building day requires clear and proactive communication. Your EA can keep all team members informed about the schedule, expectations, and any necessary preparations. Their professionalism and articulation can significantly enhance the flow of information, leading to a well-orchestrated and successful event.

5. Leverage Your EA’s Problem-Solving Abilities

Despite the best planning, unexpected situations can arise. Your EA’s problem-solving skills will be invaluable in such instances. Whether it’s a last-minute change in venue, a surprise dietary requirement, or a delay in activity resources, your EA will navigate these obstacles, ensuring minimal disruption to the team building day.

Unleashing Team Spirit: Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet for a Game-Changing Team Building Day!

1. Define Goals: Determine what you want to achieve from the team building day – enhance communication, improve collaboration, or boost morale.
2. Plan Activities: Choose engaging activities that align with your goals and cater to your team’s interests.
3. Schedule: Create a detailed timeline, balancing periods of activities with downtime.
4. Manage Logistics: Organize the venue, food, and resources needed for activities.
5. Communicate: Keep the team informed about the plan and expectations.
6. Prepare for Contingencies: Anticipate potential issues and have backup plans ready.
7. Evaluate: After the event, gather feedback to make future team building days even better.

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