The A-Zs of Hiring Glossary

Temporary Placement

What is Temporary Placement?

Temporary Placement refers to a type of employment arrangement where an employee is hired for a specific period of time, usually to cover a temporary staffing need or to complete a specific project or task. This type of employment is also known as temporary staffing or contract staffing.

Temporary Placement is commonly used by businesses that have fluctuating staffing needs or require specialized skills for a specific project or task. Temporary employees are typically hired through staffing agencies or recruitment firms, who handle the hiring process and payroll for the employee.

Temporary Placement can be a great option for both employers and employees. Employers can benefit from the flexibility of being able to quickly and easily hire skilled workers for short-term projects or to cover unexpected absences. Employees can benefit from the opportunity to gain experience in different industries or roles, as well as the potential for long-term job opportunities.

Why should I consider temporary placement for my staffing needs?

Temporary placement can be a great solution for businesses that need to fill short-term staffing needs or have fluctuating workloads. It allows you to quickly bring on qualified workers without the long-term commitment of a permanent hire. Additionally, temporary employees can often bring fresh ideas and perspectives to your team.

How can I ensure that temporary employees are a good fit for my company?

When working with a staffing agency for temporary placement, be sure to communicate your company culture and specific job requirements clearly. The agency can then provide candidates who are a good match for your needs. Once temporary employees are on board, be sure to provide clear expectations and regular feedback to ensure a successful placement.

Dos And Donts of Temporary Placement


  • Clearly define the job requirements and responsibilities for the temporary position
  • Provide proper training and orientation for the temporary employee
  • Offer competitive compensation and benefits to attract top talent
  • Communicate regularly with the temporary employee to ensure they are meeting expectations
  • Establish clear lines of communication between the temporary employee, their supervisor, and the staffing agency


  • Don’t treat temporary employees as second-class citizens
  • Don’t rely solely on temporary placements to fill long-term staffing needs
  • Don’t neglect to provide a safe working environment for temporary employees
  • Don’t forget to obtain necessary legal and regulatory documentation from the staffing agency
  • Don’t terminate a temporary employee without proper cause and notification
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