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Call Center Staffing

What is Call Center Staffing?

Call Center Staffing refers to the process of determining the appropriate number of agents needed to handle incoming calls and other customer interactions in a call center. It involves analyzing call volume patterns, agent performance metrics, and other factors to ensure that the call center has enough staff to meet customer demand while also avoiding overstaffing and unnecessary expenses.

Effective call center staffing is critical for providing high-quality customer service and maximizing operational efficiency. It requires careful planning, forecasting, and scheduling to ensure that agents are available to handle calls during peak hours and that wait times are kept to a minimum.

Some of the key factors that can impact call center staffing include call volume patterns, call types, agent availability, call handling times, and customer service level agreements (SLAs). By analyzing these factors and using advanced workforce management tools, call center managers can optimize staffing levels and ensure that the call center operates smoothly and efficiently.

Why is call center staffing important?

Call center staffing is important because it directly affects customer satisfaction. Adequate staffing levels ensure that customers can quickly and easily reach a representative, reducing wait times and improving the overall customer experience.

What factors should be considered when determining call center staffing levels?

Factors that should be considered when determining call center staffing levels include call volume, average handle time, service level goals, and agent availability. It is important to find the right balance between having enough staff to handle call volume and not overstaffing, which can lead to unnecessary costs.

Call Center Staffing Dos And Donts


  • Do have a clear understanding of your call center’s needs in terms of staffing levels and skill sets.
  • Do actively recruit and train agents who possess the necessary skills and experience for the job.
  • Do establish clear performance metrics and expectations for your staff, and provide ongoing coaching and feedback to help them improve.
  • Do prioritize employee engagement and satisfaction, as this is directly tied to better customer service and retention.
  • Do regularly review and adjust your staffing levels and schedules to ensure optimal coverage and efficiency.


  • Don’t overlook the importance of soft skills, such as empathy and communication, when hiring and training call center staff.
  • Don’t rely solely on call volume and handle time metrics to measure performance, as this can lead to a focus on quantity over quality.
  • Don’t neglect to provide ongoing training and development opportunities for your staff, as this can lead to burnout and high turnover.
  • Don’t underestimate the impact of call center culture on employee morale and productivity.
  • Don’t ignore the potential for technology and automation to improve call center efficiency and customer experience.
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