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Auditors can benefit from outsourcing EA services to focus on examining financial records, ensuring compliance, and providing accurate assessments while delegating administrative tasks. Persona’s executive assistants, who belong to the top 0.1% in the industry, provide reliable support in managing tasks like scheduling meetings, organizing audit documentation, and coordinating with clients. This cost-effective solution eliminates expenses associated with hiring an in-house assistant, such as employee benefits and office space. Persona’s personalized approach ensures a seamless match with an assistant who understands the unique demands of auditing. The flexibility to scale support according to workload makes outsourcing an efficient choice for managing audit projects, regulatory compliance, and client relations.

What Skills Does An EA Need To Support An Auditor?

An EA supporting an auditor should possess strong communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. They should be able to manage the auditor’s schedule and priorities efficiently, while maintaining confidentiality and handling sensitive information. An EA should be proficient in using auditing software and be able to manage and maintain financial records. Additionally, an EA should be able to identify and anticipate potential issues, and provide appropriate solutions. Good knowledge of auditing terminology and concepts is essential, as well as the ability to create reports, spreadsheets, and other financial documents. Attention to detail, accuracy, and time management skills are crucial in this role, as an EA supporting an auditor would often have to work under pressure and tight deadlines.

What Can A Virtual Executive Assistant Do For You?

1. Manage audit schedules and timelines

2. Coordinate audit documentation and paperwork

3. Handle client inquiries

4. Assist with audit planning and strategy

5. Manage audit staff and volunteers

6. Assist with budget management

7. Handle administrative tasks

8. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

9. Streamline office operations

10. Provide general support to the auditor

Hire An Executive Assistant

Hiring is our focus

We’ve used our deep expertise in assessment design and cognitive science to build one of the world’s best hiring processes.
This includes our very own behavioral assessment software, which we use to predict who will be reliable, professional, hard-working, and a good team player.
Each of our hires is world class in:
Writing ability
Communication ability
Problem solving ability
And each of them has been assessed from a personality perspective to ensure that they’ll be a good fit for the role.