Yes, 0.1%

It’s not a typo.
We use a rigorous vetting process to make sure that every single person we work with is truly special. This means that we only end up hiring 1 person for every 1000 applications we receive.

Hiring is our focus

We’ve used our deep expertise in assessment design and cognitive science to build one of the world’s best hiring processes.
This includes our very own behavioral assessment software, which we use to predict who will be reliable, professional, hard-working, and a good team player.
Each of our hires is world class in:
Writing ability
Communication ability
Problem solving ability
And each of them has been assessed from a personality perspective to ensure that they’ll be a good fit for the role.

Our Assistants Create Happy Customers

Jason Shapiro
Founder at eighty2i
She is AMAZING. I have nothing but positive feedback to share on her. In fact, I've been thinking about getting another one if you can find more like her.
Taylor West
Chief of Staff at New Approach PAC
My assistant is great. She's hard-working, smart, diligent, and creative in problem-solving. We've also really enjoyed her personality and friendliness.