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At Persona, our goal is to perfect our hiring process for each role that we offer.
In addition to executive assistants, we also help select clients find the world’s best talent for the following roles:
Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Manager
Sales Development Representative
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Case Study

Persona has been game-changing for us! We now hire all of our remote administrative roles through them because the quality of the talent is so much higher than when we try to recruit for these roles ourselves.
CEO of Methodology
Persona has been game changing in the way we’ve been able to scale our rapidly growing organization. Jason and his team are perceptive, thorough, and speedy in their process of identifying truly wonderful people who are not only skilled, driven, but also an absolute pleasure to work alongside with.
Stephen Liu
Co-Founder and COO of Methodology

Case Study

We have experience helping our clients build entire teams, not just connecting them with individual EAs or service agents.

In the case of Methodology, we started by providing them with a single customer service agent, which led to two additional customer service agents being hired soon after. Finally, a head of customer service was hired to run the whole team.

Smart moves

We provided all of these staff to the company, with an average 1 week turnaround between receiving the talent request and providing the client with the desired staff members.  

In addition, we provided Methodology with an executive assistant to help the founders, and a culinary administrator to help them manage and design their weekly menus.
6 total staff
1 EA
4 customer service staff
Specialty assistant

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