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The Challenge

Meetings are an integral part of business communication, but managing them can often become a cumbersome task. From coordinating times and participants to setting agendas and following up on action items, the complexity of meeting management can detract from an executive’s focus on strategic decision-making. This is where a Persona Executive Assistant (EA) shines. Carefully selected from a vast pool of applicants for their excellent problem-solving, communication, and writing abilities, our EAs are reliable professionals who can take the reins of your meeting schedule, ensuring you’re free to concentrate on driving your business forward.

The Impact

By delegating your meeting management to a Persona EA, you stand to experience a significant boost in productivity and workflow efficiency. The EA takes over the meticulous task of managing your meetings, freeing up your time for strategic initiatives. The reduction in stress and increase in time available for more substantial tasks can contribute to improved decision-making, better outcomes, and an enhanced sense of well-being for the executive.

The Journey

1. Your EA: Initial Meeting Assessment

Your Persona EA will begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your current meeting schedule. They will identify meeting frequency, participants, recurring issues, and the overall effectiveness of each meeting. This foundational step is critical to understanding your current situation and outlining a strategy to optimize your meeting schedule.

2. Your EA: Prioritizing Meetings

Based on the initial assessment, your EA will help categorize and prioritize your meetings. They will discern which meetings are crucial for your strategic involvement, which can be delegated, and which can be eliminated altogether. This process significantly contributes to reducing meeting overload and freeing up valuable time in your schedule.

3. Your EA: Agenda Setting and Pre-Meeting Preparation

Your EA will take responsibility for setting agendas for each meeting, ensuring that they are structured and focused. They will coordinate with participants beforehand to gather any necessary information or materials, preparing you with everything you need to make each meeting productive.

4. You: Leading the Meeting

With your EA managing the logistics, you can focus on leading the meeting. You’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips, allowing you to guide discussions, make decisions, and drive forward the goals of the meeting.

5. Your EA: Post-Meeting Follow-Up

After each meeting, your EA will manage the follow-up. This includes sending out minutes, tracking action items, and scheduling follow-up meetings if necessary. By managing these details, your EA ensures continuity and progress between meetings, contributing to the overall effectiveness of your communication process.

6. Your EA: Regular Meeting Schedule Reviews (optional)

On a regular basis, your EA can review the effectiveness of your current meeting schedule. They will analyze meeting outcomes, participant feedback, and your own input to continually refine and optimize your meeting schedule. This step ensures that your meeting management process is dynamic and adaptable to the evolving needs of your role and business.

7. You and Your EA: Regular Communication (optional)

Regular communication between you and your EA is crucial to the success of this process. By discussing the ongoing challenges, successes, and opportunities related to your meeting schedule, both of you can work together to continually improve the system. This two-way communication ensures that your EA’s efforts are aligned with your changing needs and preferences, contributing to a meeting management process that truly supports your role as an executive.

Ace Your Meeting Schedule Management with Top Tips

Working with a Persona Executive Assistant (EA) can transform your meeting schedule management. They can tackle various subtasks, helping you maximize your productivity and maintain your focus on strategic tasks. Here are five key areas where our EAs can make a significant impact.

1. Master Your Scheduling

Forget the stress of coordinating calendars or the concern of double bookings. Our EAs have stellar skills in scheduling. They can manage your calendar, ensuring you have ample time for each meeting and avoiding overlaps. Having been rigorously vetted and selected among 1000 applicants, they excel in problem-solving abilities, taking into account time zones, preferred meeting times, and necessary breaks to ensure a streamlined and efficient schedule. They are also capable of adjusting on the fly to any unexpected changes or emergencies.

2. Expert Appointment Setting

Persona EAs are adept at setting appointments, ensuring you meet with all the important stakeholders in your business. They can handle the logistics, follow-ups, and confirmations, freeing you from the back-and-forth often associated with this task. Their outstanding communication abilities allow them to liaise with other EAs and professionals seamlessly, ensuring every appointment is set at the most convenient time for all parties involved.

3. Reliable Tracking of Deadlines

Our EAs are not only reliable but also proactive. They can track all your important deadlines, from project milestones to reports due, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. With a Persona EA at your side, you will never miss a deadline again. Their conscientious nature and acute attention to detail make them a trusted partner in your success journey.

4. Birthday Calendar Management

Relationships matter in business, and remembering personal occasions like birthdays can add a warm touch to your professional interactions. Our EAs can manage a birthday calendar for your team, clients, and professional contacts, helping you maintain those vital connections. They will ensure you never miss an opportunity to send well-wishes, reinforcing your personal brand and nurturing your network.

5. Efficient Management of Multiple Calendars

Juggling multiple calendars can be a daunting task, but not for a Persona EA. They excel in managing multiple calendars, ensuring all your professional and personal commitments are organized and synchronized. Whether it’s coordinating between your work, personal, and travel calendars, or managing team calendars, they will ensure you’re always where you need to be when you need to be there.


Delegating the task of managing your meeting schedule to a Persona Executive Assistant can significantly improve your productivity, efficiency, and overall well-being. From conducting an initial meeting assessment to setting agendas, leading meetings, and handling post-meeting follow-up, your EA will ensure that your meetings are well-structured, productive, and truly supportive of your strategic goals. With regular reviews and communication, this process will adapt to the evolving needs of your role, ensuring that your meeting management is always top-notch.

If you’re ready to streamline your meeting schedule and take your productivity to the next level, contact Persona today. Our world-class EAs are standing by to help you succeed.

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