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An Introduction to the Issue

As an executive, professional, or entrepreneur, the challenge of managing communications and generating content often demands significant time and mental energy. With the growing need for thought leadership in the business world, ghostwriting is becoming increasingly necessary. This involves generating well-written articles, speeches, or thought pieces that can be credited to the executive. An EA, especially one selected via our rigorous Persona selection process, can play a pivotal role in shouldering this responsibility, freeing up your valuable time for other crucial tasks.

The Remarkable Outcomes

When this task is delegated to a Persona-vetted EA, the impact on your workflow and efficiency can be tremendous. Not only will it free up your time, but it will also ensure a consistent and professional tone across all your communications. The added advantage of having a well-structured thought piece that echoes your insights can lead to better personal branding, improved business relationships, and more informed decision-making.

The Ghostwriting Procedure

1. Your EA: Idea Consolidation

The first step involves your EA understanding your thoughts, insights, and the key message you wish to convey. This is achieved through regular briefings and discussions. Your EA will consolidate these ideas and outline a structure for the content. This is the foundation upon which your thought leadership will be built.

2. You: Idea Validation

After the ideas are consolidated and structured, it’s your turn to review and validate them. You can add, remove, or modify parts of it. This is crucial as it ensures that the message aligns perfectly with your vision and perspective.

3. Your EA: Drafting the Content

Following your validation, the EA moves on to draft the content. This involves crafting a well-written piece that authentically reflects your voice and perspective, while also ensuring it’s engaging and easy to understand for your audience.

4. You: Review and Feedback

Once the first draft is prepared, it’s up to you to review the content. Your feedback is invaluable here. It can further refine the content and adjust the tone and style to mirror your own.

5. Your EA: Finalizing the Content

The EA then incorporates your feedback to finalize the content. Any final polishing, proofreading, and adjustments are made at this stage to make sure the piece is ready for the intended audience.

6. You: Final Approval (optional)

If necessary, you can take a final look at the content to give your approval. This ensures that every piece of content produced aligns perfectly with your voice, values, and thought leadership goals.

7. Your EA: Content Distribution (optional)

Once approved, the EA can also handle distributing the content. This could involve posting the piece on your professional networks, sending it to your mailing list, or even submitting it to industry journals or websites. This step helps ensure that your thought leadership reaches the right audience in a timely and efficient manner.

Top Tips for Harnessing Your EA as a Ghost Writer

When it comes to ghostwriting tasks, EAs offer a wide array of benefits. From researching and drafting to revising and proofreading, an EA can significantly enhance your written communications. Here are some key ways your EA can assist you in becoming an effective communicator.

1. Robust Research

Research is the backbone of any well-crafted document. Your EA can gather all the necessary information related to your topic, including understanding the business context, key message, target audience, and any recent developments. This deep-dive research process lays a strong foundation for crafting the document and ensures that all relevant points are covered comprehensively.

2. Facilitating Interviews and Meetings

An integral part of ghostwriting involves understanding the voice of the person for whom the document is being written. Your EA can schedule and facilitate meetings with you to grasp your thoughts, ideas, and unique voice. They can attend meetings with you or simply be part of informal discussions to better capture your communication style and essence, ensuring authenticity in every written piece.

3. Drafting and Revising

Drafting the document is where the magic happens. Your EA, being adept in writing and communication, can mimic your style and tone, ensuring the message is clear, effective, and truly yours. They will also take feedback from you and other stakeholders to revise the drafts, refining language, and clarifying points to ensure the document aligns with your vision.

4. Proofreading, Editing, and Adapting Writing Style

Once the draft is complete, your EA will perform thorough proofreading and editing, checking for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style errors. In addition to this, they will ensure the document follows any specific formatting requirements. With the ability to adapt their writing style to mimic yours, your EA will make sure that the document appears as though it came directly from your pen.

5. Confidentiality and Project Management

At Persona, we take confidentiality seriously. Your EA will ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your ideas, thoughts, and drafts throughout the ghostwriting process. In addition to this, your EA, especially for larger projects like speeches or reports, will manage timelines, coordinate with other team members, and ensure the final product is delivered on time. With your EA at the helm of your writing tasks, you can have peace of mind knowing that your written communications are in good hands.

Leveraging an EA for Ghostwriting

Efficient communication and content creation can often be a time-consuming task for busy professionals. An Executive Assistant (EA), carefully vetted through Persona’s stringent selection process, can assume the responsibility of ghostwriting. This involves generating articles, speeches, and thought pieces in your voice. The EA’s role involves consolidating your ideas, drafting and revising the content based on your feedback, and, if necessary, distributing the finalized piece to appropriate channels.

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