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In today’s dynamic business world, seamless communication is a vital aspect of any Executive’s role. Managing various communication channels, keeping contact information updated, and ensuring timely follow-ups can be time-consuming and complex. This is where an Executive Assistant (EA) from Persona, the top 0.1% of our extensive selection process, can become a critical element in your communication management. Trained in advanced communication strategies and platform management, our EAs can significantly enhance your communication effectiveness.


Empowering a Persona EA with your communication management can yield outstanding results. By ensuring strategic and timely communication, it can lead to strengthened professional relationships, clearer business directives, increased team morale, and greater productivity. With their exemplary reliability and professional demeanor, our EAs can manage this aspect of your work, leaving you more time for strategic decision-making, ultimately leading to superior outcomes.

The Persona Communication Enhancement Journey

1. Your EA: Assessing Current Communication Practices and Contact Management

Your Persona EA begins by examining your current communication practices, including how contact information is maintained. They will ensure all contact information is up to date and remind you to engage with key colleagues and clients. This essential first step ensures that no important connection falls through the cracks.

2. Your EA: Developing a Holistic Communication Strategy

Based on their assessment, your EA will design a comprehensive communication strategy. This includes protocols for managing emails, phone communication, including voicemail follow-ups, and reminders to reach out to crucial contacts. Their aptitude in communication guarantees an efficient and personalized communication strategy.

3. You: Ratifying the Communication Strategy

Review and approve the devised communication strategy. Your inputs will ensure that the plan is perfectly aligned with your professional style, your team’s working methods, and the business’s overarching vision.

4. Your EA: Implementing the Communication Strategy

With your green light, your EA will put the communication strategy into action. They will manage phone communications, listen to and provide overviews of voicemails, and coordinate follow-ups. Additionally, they will manage different communication platforms, including Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, ensuring important messages are forwarded to you promptly.

5. Your EA: Monitoring and Refining the Strategy

Following implementation, your EA will evaluate the strategy’s effectiveness, making necessary adjustments for improved results. Their commitment to excellence ensures your communication strategy remains effective and well-tuned.

6. You and Your EA: Regular Reviews and Adjustments (optional)

Depending on your preference, you can set up periodic reviews with your EA to discuss the strategy’s effectiveness. Your feedback is pivotal in refining the strategy and maintaining effective communication channels.

7. Your EA: Training Team Members on New Communication Protocols (optional)

If required, your EA can train other team members on the new communication protocols and platform management. This ensures everyone is on the same page and adheres to the newly established communication standards. Leveraging their stellar writing and communication skills, your EA will deliver a clear, concise, and effective training program, ensuring all team members understand and follow the new strategy, thereby maximizing the efficacy of the communication channels within your organization.

Top Tips for Mastering Business Communication with Your Executive Assistant

Unlock your potential to be more productive and successful by leveraging your EA in various communication-related tasks. Our Executive Assistants, carefully chosen through a stringent vetting process by Persona, are world-class professionals known for their writing, communication, and problem-solving abilities. Each of them is fully equipped to manage various subtasks related to Business Communication, significantly enhancing your output. Let’s delve into some tips on how these can be best utilized:

1. Streamlining Contact Management

Your EA can play a vital role in managing and organizing your contacts. This extends beyond merely keeping your contact list updated. With their keen attention to detail, our Persona EAs can categorize contacts based on professional criteria, importance, frequency of interaction, and personal preferences. They can also track correspondence, ensuring you never miss out on essential communication. Through effective contact management, your EA can help you nurture relationships that drive success and fulfillment in your professional journey.

2. Perfecting Phone Communication

Our EAs are trained to handle phone communications professionally and effectively. They can screen calls, handle queries, set appointments, and take detailed messages, ensuring you spend time only on those calls that truly need your attention. Persona EAs’ exemplary communication skills ensure that your phone communication reflects your professionalism while maintaining the personal touch that builds strong relationships.

3. Mastering Communication Platforms

In this digital age, communication has transcended traditional channels. Your EA can manage various platforms such as Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, and more, ensuring you’re always connected and responsive. They can moderate discussions, organize channels, manage notifications, and more. By delegating this to your EA, you can focus on strategic tasks while staying on top of critical discussions and decisions.

4. Navigating Multi-platform Communication

Given the range of communication platforms today, it’s easy to miss out on critical messages or updates. Our Persona EAs can seamlessly navigate through various platforms, ensuring every message is received, every query is answered, and every update is tracked. By consolidating communication across platforms, they provide a unified view of all interactions, thus ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

5. Driving Effective Business Communication

Persona EAs are not just facilitators but also partners in driving effective business communication. Equipped with strong writing and problem-solving abilities, they can draft professional emails, create impactful presentations, and assist in preparing for critical meetings. Their role extends to managing your communication style, ensuring consistency, and enhancing the effectiveness of your business communication. With them by your side, you can elevate your communication to a level that commands respect and fosters effective collaborations.

Boost Your Communication with an Executive Assistant

An Executive Assistant (EA) from Persona, part of our select 0.1%, can be a game-changer for your communication needs. They’ll analyze current practices, develop an all-encompassing strategy, manage phone communications and platforms like Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, and adjust strategies based on ongoing reviews. By streamlining your communication, our EAs free up your time for critical decision-making, enhancing overall productivity and business outcomes.

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