Yes, 32 hours a week.

That’s how much time the average Persona client reports they save each week.
If you’re a solopreneur or founder, that’s 32 more hours you can spend on growth and product development.
We use a rigorous vetting process to ensure every single assistant we hire is truly special. This means we only end up hiring 1 person for every 1,000 to 2,000 applications we receive. If you want the best, use Persona.
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A few of our amazing customers
Reza Bavar
Founder of Kaloud
My assistant is remarkable. I'm truly grateful to you for introducing them to me.
Vanessa Dayton
Head of Product
She is the best assistant we have ever had.
Rosa Hamalaine
Co-Founder & Head of Strategic Initiatives
My assistant is amazing - not only great at her work but brings energy and positivity with her everywhere she goes.
Brittany Moran
Implementation Manager
I love my assistant and am so lucky to have her on my team. She is a quick learner, incredibly proactive, and always looking for ways to help me even if I don't ask for it. She is a fantastic addition to my team and a wonderful human on top of it all. I have nothing but good things to say about her.
Andrew McCarthy
Head of Sales
My assistant is amazing, learns very fast, and processes a lot of work with an amazing attitude. Top notch.
Kathy Holman
Client Support Lead
My assistant is super self-motivated. She begins projects before I can flesh them out completely and exceeds expectations with very little oversight. She has a great working relationship with other departments and has a very positive impact on our company culture. She effectively communicates with our clients, quickly and thoroughly, and makes them happy with every case.
Avital Oliver
Senior Research Engineer, Google Brain
Just wanted to check in and say that the executive assistant is amazing. Both Tali and I are consistently surprised by her attention to detail and ability to "mind meld" with us to know before we even know what would work best for us. And she catches mistakes I make, which is extremely helpful. I've been ramping her up with help on a non-profit I work with and expect more responsibilities going forward. She's also helped some of my colleagues and they all came out of the experience feeling a great amount of trust in her ability to navigate complex situations while keeping everyone in the loop, knowing when to ask what and when to move independently. 5/5 stars!!
Jason Shapiro
Founder at eighty2i
She is AMAZING. I have nothing but positive feedback to share on her. In fact, I've been thinking about getting another one if you can find more like her.
Taylor West
Chief of Staff at New Approach PAC
My assistant is great. She's hard-working, smart, diligent, and creative in problem-solving. We've also really enjoyed her personality and friendliness.
Josh Chopak
Founder of WGG Consulting
My assistant is fantastic. It feels like they’ve been with me for years and I already depend on them after only 3 weeks.
Robert Matei
Former Head of Growth, Quora
I've tried assistants a number of times, and Persona's are way, way above other remote options in thoroughness and intelligence. It's magical, I feel like I've hired a motivated Ivy League grad! Both my business and my life are easier.
Maddy Nguyen
Founder of TalentDrop
I'm a startup with unpredictable, mostly-urgent needs, and a limited budget. Through Persona I can hire talent that I know will be smart, trainable, diligent, and affordable in a matter of weeks without any of the normal hiring and employment hassle. The core team is also super responsive. Persona is a no-brainer.
Assistants with the same degree of competence and professionalism cost up to $130,000 in the San Francisco Bay Area. For a fraction of the price you can have your own dedicated, full-time assistant.
Don’t worry about long term commitments, either.

Free up 32 hours of your time each week

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