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What Is Competency-based Hiring?

Competency-based hiring is a recruitment method that focuses on assessing candidates based on their skills, knowledge, and abilities (competencies) that are essential for success in a specific job role. This approach to hiring emphasizes the importance of objective criteria for evaluating candidates, rather than relying solely on subjective factors such as educational qualifications or work experience.

Competency-based hiring involves identifying the key competencies required for a particular job role, and then using a variety of assessment methods to evaluate candidates against those competencies. These assessments may include behavioral interviews, skills tests, work samples, and other tools designed to measure a candidate’s ability to perform the job duties effectively.

One of the primary benefits of competency-based hiring is that it can help organizations to identify candidates who are the best fit for a particular job, based on their demonstrated abilities and potential for success. This approach can also help to reduce bias in the hiring process, by focusing on objective criteria rather than subjective factors that may be influenced by unconscious biases.

Overall, competency-based hiring is a valuable approach to recruitment that can help organizations to identify and hire top talent based on objective criteria that are directly related to job performance.

What is competency-based hiring?

Competency-based hiring is an approach to recruitment and selection that focuses on identifying and assessing the specific skills, knowledge, and abilities required for a particular job. This approach involves defining the competencies needed for success in the role and evaluating candidates based on their demonstrated proficiency in those competencies.

How does competency-based hiring differ from traditional hiring?

Traditional hiring often relies on subjective evaluations of a candidate’s experience and qualifications, which may not necessarily correlate with their ability to perform in the role. Competency-based hiring, on the other hand, seeks to objectively assess a candidate’s potential for success based on their demonstrated proficiency in the specific competencies required for the job.

Competency-based Hiring Dos And Donts


  • Do identify the specific competencies needed for the role.
  • Do create clear job descriptions that outline the required competencies.
  • Do use behavioral interviewing techniques to assess candidates’ competencies.
  • Do evaluate candidates based on their ability to demonstrate the necessary competencies.
  • Do provide training and development opportunities to help employees develop the competencies they need to be successful in their roles.


  • Don’t rely solely on resumes and credentials to assess candidates’ competencies.
  • Don’t assume that candidates possess the required competencies based solely on their job titles or previous experience.
  • Don’t overlook candidates who may have the potential to develop the necessary competencies with training and support.
  • Don’t forget to communicate the importance of competencies to candidates and employees.

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