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Angel investors stand to gain significantly from outsourcing their EA services. The cost savings compared to hiring an in-house assistant allows investors to allocate more funds towards promising startups. Persona’s executive assistants are among the top 0.1% in the industry, providing reliable support that can be scaled according to the investor’s needs. This is particularly helpful during due diligence, negotiations, or deal-closing periods when assistance may be required at odd hours or on short notice. Persona’s personalized approach ensures a seamless match with an assistant that understands the investor’s unique preferences and requirements. By handling tasks like research, scheduling, and correspondence, the executive assistant enables the investor to focus on evaluating opportunities, networking, and providing strategic guidance to portfolio companies. The combination of cost savings, flexibility, and access to top talent makes outsourcing EA services a smart choice for angel investors.

What Skills Does An EA Need To Support An Angel investor?

Supporting an Angel Investor requires an EA to possess excellent organizational, communication, and networking skills. They should be able to manage the investor’s schedule, arrange meetings, and handle correspondence efficiently. The EA should be able to research and identify potential investment opportunities and maintain a database of potential prospects. As the investor may have a portfolio of companies, the EA should be able to keep track of each investment and provide regular updates. Networking skills are also essential, as the EA would need to liaise with potential investors, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in the investment community. An EA should be proactive, able to work independently, and have a good understanding of the investment landscape.

What Can A Virtual Executive Assistant Do For You?

1. Screen investment opportunities

2. Conduct due diligence on potential investments

3. Manage investment portfolio

4. Handle communication with portfolio companies

5. Assist with fundraising efforts

6. Manage calendar and scheduling

7. Coordinate travel arrangements

8. Attend industry events and conferences

9. Assist with research and analysis

10. Provide general administrative support

Hire An Executive Assistant

Hiring is our focus

We’ve used our deep expertise in assessment design and cognitive science to build one of the world’s best hiring processes.
This includes our very own behavioral assessment software, which we use to predict who will be reliable, professional, hard-working, and a good team player.
Each of our hires is world class in:
Writing ability
Communication ability
Problem solving ability
And each of them has been assessed from a personality perspective to ensure that they’ll be a good fit for the role.