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Academic Deans

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Outsourcing EA services for Academic Deans provides numerous benefits. Firstly, it offers a cost-effective solution, as hiring an in-house executive assistant typically involves higher salaries and additional expenses like employee benefits. By partnering with Persona, you can access top talent at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, outsourcing offers flexibility in scaling the level of support according to fluctuating demands. Academic Deans often juggle multiple projects and tasks, and having a dedicated, remote executive assistant ensures that they receive personalized, efficient support tailored to their needs. Furthermore, Persona’s rigorous vetting process guarantees that the executive assistant will be highly skilled, reliable, and capable of handling a variety of tasks and complex projects. This allows Academic Deans to focus on their core responsibilities, such as academic programs and faculty development, while leaving administrative tasks to their trusted assistant.

What Skills Does An EA Need To Support An Academic Dean?

To support Academic Deans, an Executive Assistant (EA) needs to have excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills. They should be able to manage calendars, schedules, and appointments, and handle administrative tasks efficiently. As an Academic Dean works closely with faculty and students, the EA should be able to handle confidential information, communicate effectively, and maintain positive relationships with different stakeholders. A good understanding of academic policies, procedures, and systems would also be useful for an EA to support an Academic Dean. The EA should be proactive, adaptable, and able to work independently to support the Academic Dean in their day-to-day operations.

What Can A Virtual Executive Assistant Do For An Academic Dean?

1. Coordinate faculty and staff schedules

2. Manage academic calendars

3. Organize meetings with various stakeholders

4. Provide support for accreditation processes

5. Facilitate communication with students

6. Assist with budget management

7. Prepare reports and presentations

8. Handle confidential information

9. Monitor departmental goals and objectives

10. Serve as a liaison between the dean and other departments

Hire An Executive Assistant

Hiring is our focus

We’ve used our deep expertise in assessment design and cognitive science to build one of the world’s best hiring processes.
This includes our very own behavioral assessment software, which we use to predict who will be reliable, professional, hard-working, and a good team player.
Each of our hires is world class in:
Writing ability
Communication ability
Problem solving ability
And each of them has been assessed from a personality perspective to ensure that they’ll be a good fit for the role.