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Time etc vs. BELAY vs. Persona: Evaluating 3 Top VA Services

In this article, we discuss the similarities and differences between Time etc and BELAY virtual assistant services, as well as…

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How to Hire an Executive Assistant: The Advice Execs Need

Most articles on how to hire an executive assistant focus on basic hiring steps like creating a job description and conducting an interview. This article provides more useful advice for…

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10 productivity game changers for entrepreneurs

To help make workdays more productive, Persona Talent has put together a list of 10 ways to meet the challenges of improving business productivity.

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10 tips to beat your to-do list

Persona Talent compiled a list of tips to tackle your to-do list using a variety of online sources related to productivity and workflow management.

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The Best Virtual Assistant Services for Exec and Admin Assistants

The best virtual assistant service for you depends on the type of VA you need. Find out which ones best for you, and learn about 8 top services.

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Why Most Virtual Assistants for Startups Fall Short (And How to Find a Great One)

Most startups are completely underwhelmed when they hire a virtual assistant. This post covers 3 reasons why and helps you understand how to find a VA that’s highly competent and…

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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Who Actually Works Out

There are 3 core problems that lead many businesses to have bad experiences with virtual assistants. In this article, we explain how you can solve them. We also include examples…

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Why You Shouldn’t Use a Recruiter for Your Executive Assistant

Over the last 3.5 years, my cofounder Nathan and I have been in the business of finding and hiring the most capable executive assistants in the world. During that time,…

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Here’s how people spent their time in 2020 v. 2019

The pandemic brought the world to a halt and spurred significant lifestyle changes from work-life balance to spending habits. Persona Talent analyzed data from the American Time Use Survey collected…

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The Process to Hire Executive Assistants is Broken. Here’s Why We Started Persona to Fix It.

We started Persona over 3 years ago with the mission of helping startup founders, executives, and business owners live better lives. Almost every business owner would benefit from a great…

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