The Persona Difference

We connect the world’s best remote executive assistants with the world’s best companies and professionals.
Tell us what you need, and we'll match you to a great assistant within 48 hours.
You’re unique; your assistant is hand picked for you.
Equivalent talent costs at least 2x as much in the US.
We have the toughest entrance exams in the industry. "Way tougher than the SAT"
We hear all the time about other company’s flaky assistants.
Smart and reliable people are capable of a lot, so our assistant can handle large and complex projects
At Persona, we measure all of these things--and more. We spend each day making sure that we maintain the most rigorous candidate vetting process possible, so that we continue to have the best hiring process and best assistants in the industry.

Try an assistant out for a month or two and see how you like it.

"I've tried assistants a number of times, and Persona's are way, way above other remote options in thoroughness and intelligence. It's magical, I feel like I've hired a motivated Ivy League grad! Both my business and my life are easier."
"I've sourced for hundreds of positions, so I know firsthand how much work it is to sift through thousands of applicants to try finding the 'right' person. Jason and his team have solved this problem."

Fully dedicated.

Fully dedicated means that each assistant who works with us is only assigned a single client-you. You receive their full attention and care.

This means you don’t need to worry about whether they’ll be able to get you a deliverable on time, or whether they’ll have other work-day conflicts.

Full time only.

Get 40 hours of an incredible assistant's focus and commitment each and every week. No more competing for time and attention with other clients.
Get an Assistant

The Process

Step One
If we think you’re a good fit, a member of our sales team will schedule a quick onboarding call with you.
Step Two
During that call, we’ll learn more about your talent needs and your preferences, and will schedule a kick-off date for you and your assistant(s).
Our service is always month to month with no long term commitments.

If, for whatever reason, you feel like an assistant isn't for you after the second month, you can pause things.

Our Leadership

Jason Hreha
Jason was formerly the Global Head of Behavioral Science for Walmart. Before that, he was Vice President of Product at Handshake—the LinkedIn for colleges. He’s spent his whole career applying behavioral science research and methods to technology and business problems.
Nathan Lomeli
Nathan has spent over 10 years applying psychological science in industry. He’s built products and software solutions that incorporate cognitive science, natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and psychometric science in order to solve new and novel problems